One of our purposes is to help candidates and employees prepare before they apply for employment in order to ensure success from the beginning of their job search.  Once employed, the organization’s advisors will serve as coaches so employees can increase their value to the company, thus ensuring future advancement.  We will continue to develop employees after their employment by offering learning opportunities in seminars and conferences.

team work

We treat everyone as a valued team member through communication, collaboration and mutual understanding

on-going learning

We provide numerous learning opportunities for all community members

Leadership roles

We find and create leadership opportunities for personal and professional growth

Give-back attitude

We encourage a give-back attitude through community involvement, sponsorship and/or mentorship


UWF is a people-centric employment consulting firm in which we recruit and assist candidates from all walks of life to find employment based on their interests, education and experience. All of our employees also have the opportunity to strengthen their self-efficacy as community leaders.  We want to be the gatekeeper for our employers in seeking excellent employees for their work environment.


Our primary goal is to support employers and their employees by providing resources that encourage building a diverse workforce and promote employee development by both management and the employee themselves.

  • Individual coaching
  • Peer mentoring
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Workshops
  • Leadership
  • Scholarships
  • Developing strategies for employee retention
  • Implementing initiatives for diversity enhancement
  • Planning for employee transitions